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Martin David Porter is a third generation artist hailing from Saffron Walden, Essex. Born in 1971, he has two, more sporty brothers and a sister.

Martin was drawing animals as soon as he was able to hold a crayon and reading encyclopaedias about animal life from the age of around four years.

When he was a child he was given one of those tape recorders that all of us of a certain generation remember recording their parents etc. Most importantly he taped the weekly music charts and played them back. The first audio cassettes he got hold of were Adam & the Ants (God knows which one!), Complete Madness and the Eagles - Hotel California. With that and his parents' Atlantic Soul and Tamla Motown records, a love of all forms of music was born.

Fast forward to the early teenage years, the love of wildlife and music was still in full force along with a reputation for cheekiness and a stubborn artistic streak that caused clashes with art teachers who attempted (most likely) to mold him into their expectations.  At this point Queen's - A Kind Of Magic album was released; it changed Martin’s whole outlook on music. Soon Bon-Jovi, Europe, Whitesnake, W.A.S.P and Black Sabbath followed, then many others. There was no turning back - a rocker was born, be it with a love of just a great song, by anyone or in any genre.

The art came into play during the early work years as a welder/sheet metal worker, in the form of caustic, merciless pen and ink cartoons to entertain the work mates.  Attempts to be a musician were not so successful with Martin playing bass (badly) in a local band for a while; he is still today the self confessed worst vocalist in the World.

The move to photography was a fast and sudden switch. Martin’s normal snap shots of the everyday events and family special occasions on a standard point and click camera had something that made a number of people ask if he had considered taking up photography. This happened to such an extent that his then and still long suffering partner, Ruth, bought him a decent camera.

Within hours of getting the said camera Martin was taking images of flowers, fields, animals and was receiving a lot of positive feedback. The music side took a bit longer, but Martin, from the moment he got the camera had decided he wanted to combine the photography of nature and music. What better way to get into the music industry he loved with no talent for music, (apart from being Simon Cowell?). Three years of pestering any musician he could, finally resulted in a photo pass for a GUN show at The Junction, Cambridge in 2009.

The rest as they say is history...

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