Long Time No Blog!

Hi everyone!

Sorry I have not blogged for a while, I had planned when starting this website for it be a ongoing thing..life get's in the way I quess!

So my Cancer Research fund raising gig with Tristan Mackay and a wealth of talent came and went raising funds for a charity that

I hold dear (watch this space for upcoming fund raisers). I have been busy with many music artists over the last few months from the

ones to watch in the future Bad Touch & Broken Witt Rebels, Icons like Slade, Magnum and Glenn Hughes and top of the range tributes

like Uncle Funk and Led Zeppelin Masters. With artist such as King King and Steve Hackett coming up soon, it looks good. The Mind's Eyes 

books are still available on Amazon. It is Saffron Walden's three year cycled 8-Day Weekend and once again I am a official photographer.

Many thanks



Mart's Arts with the Led Zeppelin Masters



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