Coronavirus lock down 2020

As it stands with the U.K and large proportions of the World battling the Coronavirus. Mart's Arts lost three months of live music photography up to three shoots a week, the All Star Jam sessions in pretty much three hours.

With the government quite rightly protecting the public from the sweeping risk, people are dying! Hopefully some a the few gigs later in the year have yet to be cancelled. All the music and jam night galleries on this site are now

current and updated. It is going to be tough for the musicians, entertainers, promoters, press agents, managers, sound and light guys and girls, fellow photographers and venues.I work with, when it's all over and it's time to party.....

please remember to book us..I bet you didn't sit in lock down without listening to music, watching TV and films, read books, looked at photos online. The arts got very little help during this crisis but we gave you a lot of help to get 

through these day of uncertainty.


Stay safe, stay strong, stay healthy.






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